If during your eye check your optometrist finds that you would benefit from wearing glasses, they will work out the lens prescription you need to help you see better and will recommend one of the following lenses:

Distance or Reading

These are prescribed if you are either short-sighted or long-sighted. They have one prescription across the whole lens, from top to bottom.

If you sometimes find it difficult to read small print with your normal prescription, you may benefit from enhanced lenses which are distance lenses with a slightly different prescription at the bottom to help with reading.


If you need different prescriptions for various distances, varifocal lenses can help you see better at all distances whether near, far, or in between, without needing separate pairs of glasses.

You can choose from three varifocal lens options, standard lenses, or more bespoke lenses which are tailored to your specific lifestyle needs, like sitting at a computer, or driving. Ask our optometrist which lens might suit you.


Bifocals allow people to wear the same pair of glasses for seeing at both near and far distances. They have a different prescription on the top and bottom half of the lens, with a visible line across the middle.

Lens Upgrades

Thin & Light

A stronger prescription can mean thicker lenses. Our range of Thin & Light lenses are a good option because they allow you to still have thinner, lighter lenses. The thickness of the lens won't make your glasses too heavy and you will also have a wider range of frames to choose from.


These lenses are recommended if you are sensitive to sunlight, or get tired eyes, because they automatically adapt to changing light conditions by getting darker in brighter conditions. So, whether you are in the shade or out in the sun, you can still see clearly. Ask your Optometrist if your glasses are suitable for a Transitions® lens upgrade.


These sunglasses' lenses significantly reduce glare from reflective surfaces like snow, roads and water. They don't affect your colour perception either. These features give you clearer vision when it's sunny, making polarised lenses a good option if you drive.