We know that choosing the right glasses can feel a huge decision. But that's no surprise, as they change our appearance and become part of our style, as well as having to meet the needs of our different lifestyles.

That's why Doris Optical has specially trained its team to help you find the pair of glasses that you love, leaving you brimming with confidence about the choice you have made.

Our expert team can help you to really understand what style and shape of glasses will make you feel confident and happy about wearing them. With a wide range to choose from to suit all tastes and budgets we're confident that you will leave Doris Optical with the perfect pair.

Whether it's your first pair, or a replacement pair, with so many styles, colours and prices to choose from, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, making it hard to pinpoint the frames that feel just right for you.

But we also know that with help and guidance, you can find your perfect pair. That's why our experienced Opticians are specially trained to guide you through the different styles available, to help you identify those frames that you feel totally comfortable with.

If you have a prescription from a different practice, which is not from Doris Optical, please bring it with you.

How does it work?

We know that everyone has got different tastes, facial features and lifestyle needs, as well as things that they like or don't like about different frames, but that sometimes this is hard to explain. So, we'll take you through some steps to help you really work out what you want.

  • Firstly our team will choose a selection of frames for you to try on, with a broad range of features, benefits and styles. They will ask you exactly what you think of the frames, delving down into the specifics of the colour, size, material, width of frame, shape and whether certain designer names appeal more or less to you
  • Based on your answers, the Personal-Eyes assistant will then use their expert knowledge of our range to find five or six frames that better match the elements you said you specifically liked
  • Again, with in depth questions and really listening to your answers, together we'll be able to start to really understand what you are looking for from your glasses allowing us to narrow down your search
  • By now, you may have already found your perfect match, but if not, the assistant will use your feedback to select another five or six frames for you to try, within a price bracket that suits your budget
  • Once you've finally chosen your glasses, you should feel excited about your choice. But that's not the end - we then check the glasses fit you properly so you not only look great in your new frames, but feel comfortable too.

Remember, Doris Optical do a great range of both value and designer glasses . If you want more than one pair of frames, maybe a pair for everyday use and then a pair for special occasions, make sure you let the assistant know, so that they can help you find frames for all your needs. They can also tell you about the amazing offers we have, to ensure you get the most for your money.

And if you decide that you want to use contact lenses to help your vision, ask our optometrist about the free contact lens assessment & trial.

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